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Knowledge Axis Publishing has helped educators at more than 100 colleges and universities adapt and thrive within the changing landscape of higher education. Our strength lies in our ability to tailor skilled services and technology to the unique needs of individual educators, academic departments, or entire institutions. Whether you want to publish original material while retaining your copyright, reduce the cost of course materials, or differentiate your institution’s curriculum, we can help you craft and deliver tomorrow’s education, today.

Competition for students is fierce it today’s education market. Leading higher education institutions are adapting their programs to today’s rapidly-changing job market and building unique curriculums which set them apart. We have helped institutions differentiate their course materials, reduce costs, increase student engagement and deliver tomorrow’s education today.
We work to understand the unique strategic goals of your institution. We then provide best-in-class customization technology, content, editorial and publishing services, and student delivery experiences to increase the value of your programs while reducing student costs.
Print and pay for only what you need, and spend less time managing your inventory.
If you make frequent updates to your continuing education materials, or are looking to reduce your print inventory, you may want to consider migrating to a print-on-demand solution. Many of our customers had never considered print-on-demand, assuming they did not produce enough volume for it to be economically feasible. But we handle print-on-demand a little differently than most. We print small quantities of your materials, maintaining a micro-inventory on your behalf. You only pay for the materials you sell, giving you volume pricing without paying for excess inventory.
Manage the Lifecycle of Your Publications
We provide the services and expertise to help you print and deliver your publications cost-effectively while minimizing spoilage. Managing your association’s library of publications can be a balancing act-printing and inventorying the right quantity of each title to get the best price per unit, while taking into account how often the content may need to change. We are one of the few partners working almost exclusively with association content, so we can provide guidance and expertise to help you find the right balance of cost and quantity, while providing ideas that deliver efficiencies, improve quality and protect the value of your content.

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